The Avian Bird Flu Scare

Planning for a Bird Flu that May Never Happen

I recently read a news item regarding a recent Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) summit in Quebec. Plans are being made to put the U.S. under U.N. authority in the event of an avian flu health emergency. You can read the 53 page August 2007 North American Plan for Avian and Pandemic Influenza paper by clicking on the underlined link. The SPP was created by the Presidents of the United States and Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada in 2005. It is still in the growth process, highly bureaucratic in nature and positioned to become a powerful political force. Plans for a North American Union (NAU) have been discussed for years. The NAU would combine Canada, the United States and Mexico in a way similar to the European Union. Should the NAU occur, the borders between these countries will almost disappear and American sovereignty will be a thing of the past. Such a grand scheme will not happen overnight, but would be the result of a gradual and subtle process. The first U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement was signed in the 1980s.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which included Mexico, was ratified in the early 1990s. NAFTA has its own Secretariat who can issue binding rulings despite the American political process or the will of the people. The SPP is basically a plan for the United States, Canada, and Mexico to have the same economic, environmental and security policies. According to the SPP website, the three countries need to develop common public health policies and emergency management, common energy policies, and business “regulatory compatibility.”

Express lanes at the U.S. – Mexican border will be created to allow their trucks to move easily. Such uniform standards will benefit large corporations, further edging out small business people from markets of any kind. The SPP would severely weaken, if not completely destroy our political process since un-elected bureaucrats would write the laws to implement the SPP. There will be no oversight by Congress or the American people. Our Constitution, which already lies gasping for breath, will become a faded memory. The SPP people use fear mongering to push their agenda. We have been reading about the avian flu for years. According to the 2007 Summit Plan, “Although the virus has not yet reached North America, Canada, Mexico and the United States must be prepared for the day when it—or some other highly contagious virus—does.” If you do read this entire document, be sure to read deeply between the lines. Take note of words that infer a disaster “somewhere in the future”, such as may and could. The powerful global ruling elite uses such disasters and fear tactics to control the people, while convincing those very same people that only their governance can save them!

Let’s not forget to look at the money trail. Power and money go together like ham and eggs; yin and yang; milk and honey--- well, you get the idea. Tamiflu was hyped in the U.S. even though it would not cure the flu, but merely alleviate symptoms – much like many of the current over the counter cold medicines. In fact, Tamiflu was being hyped before there was even a remote chance that bird flu could infect humans. Tamiflu was first developed by a California biotech company, Gilead Sciences, Inc., and then manufactured and sold by the big pharma company, Roche Laboratories. The base of tamiflu is crushed aniseed, and Roche controls 90% of the world’s production of this tree. Gilead Sciences receives a royalty from Roche of about 10% of the sales Donald Rumsfeld, the former Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security, was a member of Gilead’s BOD from 1988 – 2001 until he joined President Bush’s cabinet in 2001.

According to federal financial disclosures filed by Rumsfeld, his Gilead stock holdings were valued between $5 million and $25 million. More than 60 countries, including the U.S., have stockpiled the drug in case of a worldwide bird flu pandemic. The United Nations estimated such a pandemic could kill 150 million people should it materialize. Attention is focused on the H5N1 strain that can affect humans. 114 deaths during a nine year period is insignificant compared to all the other political autrocities that happen daily in our world. The powers that be can only gamble that creating a mere perception that there could be a mutant strain of zoonotic avian flu will be all that is needed to impose further rules, regulations and restrictions upon U.S. Citizens. References: has the weapon to derail the SPP and stop the formation of a North American Union. It is the Write the Laws Act (WTLA). Snopes Urban Legends. Tamiflu and David Rumsfield. Status: True. WorldNetDailyExclusive; Premeditated Merger,by Jerome R. Corsi. August 28,2007.

author: Sue Beaulieu